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Running 3.5 miles every day of the year

On the 1st of January 2021, I set out to run at least 3.5 miles every day of the year.

3.50 is in reference to 350 parts per million (PPM), the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere that countless climate experts agree is the ‘safe’ level that we must get below as soon as possible to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

I decided that I’d see if I could run this distance every single day of the year. Come rain or shine, Monday to Sunday.

“But why?” I hear you ask.

I’ve been concerned about the climate emergency for many years. I’ve donated money to charities, tried to recycle, reduce and re-use when I can, and limit my own carbon footprint as much as possible. But, 4-years ago, my son was born, and the urgency of the situation struck me in a way I’d never considered before. I was fortunate to grow-up on the coast, with access to great outdoor areas, without having to worry how much the landscape would change, whether the snow would fall in the winter, whether it would be too hot in the summer. But would my son be so lucky?

Since then, I’ve tried to do more and decided that this year I would set myself this challenge and use what I was doing as an opportunity to engage with more people on the climate emergency.

So, I’m currently 112 days into the challenge. The running has been the easy bit overall, yes there have been days where it’s hard to find the time between work and family time, but I’ve been following a running plan with my coach (Newera Running) and fitting it in where I can. But looking forward I plan to be more active with sharing the other steps that I am taking to raise awareness on the climate emergency and hope others follow along.

I’d also planned to raise money by asking people to sponsor me, but with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic hitting so many people I didn’t feel comfortable asking for money. However, if this does inspire you to want to donate, please check out the following charities that I sponsor and that I think do awesome work:

Protect Our Winters UK




Otherwise, I hope you’ll follow along!