• owainjamesmorris

Reflections on the midway point

On the 1st of January 2021, I set out to run at least 3.5 miles every day of the year. On the 2nd of July I reach the halfway point of the challenge - July 2 is the 183rd day of the year with 182 days remaining until the end of the year.

Reflecting on the first half of the challenge, some thoughts come to mind.

Get out every day has been challenging, but also hugely rewarding

The past 18-months have been hard for many people. I am exceptionally fortunate that my impacts have been smaller than for many others and I feel grateful for that fact, but even so things have changed, it’s been hard to see family and uncertainty is never easy.

Getting outside and exercising every day has been great for body and mind.

I am lucky to live close to Bushy Park, one of the Royal Parks in the UK and have found that regardless of whatever else is going on, a walk or run through the park always gives me a boost. Whether I’ve run hard and built up a serious sweat, or whether I’ve just taken a gentle trot, I’ve always felt better afterwards.

We need awareness of the Climate Crisis more than ever

Recent heat extremes in the Pacific North West of the United States and in Western Canada have again shown us that the impacts of the climate crisis aren’t things that will affect a few people slowly and will build up over the next 50-years. The impacts are here, they are happening and are increasingly unpredictable.

However, there are many people in power and many businesses who are making a significant profit from denying the science or are directly profiting from the destruction. This must stop, and many of these individuals, interests and businesses will not willingly choose to stop making money. We must act together to pressure them to change. The future of us all depends on it,

Everyone can do something

The scale of the climate crisis can make us feel powerless and as a result it can be easier to decide to do nothing, rather than choose one of the many things we are told we should. However, I believe that everyone can do something, and it’s better to start small and build momentum than try to do something huge and burn out or become disconsolate.

Small choices can be to recycle more, or to try to reduce waste, or to buy less. Set a monthly goal and then try to beat it. Or try to read one article a week and share it with one other person. Or write a letter to a government minister once and then try again the following month.

Every single person doing one small thing frequently, is better than 10% of people doing huge challenges. So, start small, you are doing more than you could possibly imagine.